Estimation Tool for Agile Teams: Produce Planning Cards (Limited Edition)


🔥 Update: The limited-edition product sold out!

Planning cards help agile teams estimate work. Decks of the cards were originally distributed as a promotional item. Reactions were incredibly positive, and several people asked how they could get their own set. Based on demand, Produce Planning Cards™ (Limited Edition) are now available for purchase. This article covers what's included, product information, suggested guidelines for use (including a video), and how to get them—while supplies last.


What's Included

  • Each deck of Produce Planning Cards™ contains four sets of cards—enough for four estimators

  • Each of the four sets has a unique color on the front side of cards—it’s in either blue, green, orange, or yellow

  • Cards are based on the Fibonacci sequence, where every number after two is the sum of the two preceding numbers

  • Each set includes cards with the following values and images:

——— 0 (No picture)
——— 1 (Blueberry)
——— 2 (Cherry)
——— 3 (Strawberry)
——— 5 (Plum)
——— 8 (Apple)
——— 13 (Orange)
——— 21 (Coconut)
——— 34 (Pineapple)
——— "?” (No picture)

  • Each deck includes instructions

  • Each deck comes in a storage case


Product Information

  • Type of cards: Poker sized

  • Number of cards per deck: 54

  • Dimensions in inches: 2.48 x 3.46

  • Dimensions in mm: 63 x 88

  • Printing: Full color print

  • Material stock: 330 GSM professional weight stock

  • Material finish: Finest quality, superior smooth finish

  • Material sourcing: Printer sources materials from well-managed forests, and it supports green practices

  • Printer: Printer is a prominent manufacturer in the gaming industry


Suggested Guidelines for Use

The product page is referenced at the end of this article. That page includes a PDF with suggested guidelines for use—and more. A video (shown below) also covers the topic.

Produce Planning Cards™ Help Agile Teams Estimate Work from Scott Graffius on Vimeo.


How to Get Them

🔥 Update: The limited-edition product sold out!

Produce Planning Cards™ are available here: While supplies last!

Items ship within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico via USPS Priority Mail in a small flat rate box with delivery confirmation.


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